Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reference Questions, 2/6/2013

[8-10 pm shift] Tonight's first shift was busy. A history class has a project due tomorrow.
  1. Looking for more computers
  2. Had a question about creating a chart in Excel
  3. (Chat) Question about evaluating websites
  4. (Email) Wanted someone to proofread the reference list for her paper
  5. Wanted to know how to look up a dissertation
  6. Looking for History Today in print
  7. Looking for his textbook
  8. (Phone) Wanted to know the difference between a bibliography and a reference list
  9. Looking for Book Review Digest
  10. (Email) Question about citing a court case
  11. Looking for the reserves
  12. Looking for the periodical Choice

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reference Questions, 1/30/2013

[8-10 pm shift]
  1. Looking for his textbook
  2. (Chat) Having trouble accessing an article in CINAHL
  3. Couldn't get her PowerPoint to print
  4. (Chat) Question about citing a website in APA

Monday, January 28, 2013

Reference Questions, 1/28/2013

[10 am shift]
  1. Student looking for the head of access services
  2. Student looking for a quiet floor
  3. Wanted to know if he could print here
  4. Wanted to know if he could print wirelessly
  5. Looking for a hole-puncher
  6. Looking for a book The Rediscovery of North America by Barry Lopez

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Reference Questions, 1/27/2013

[2-5 pm shift]
  1. (Phone Message) Student needed help accessing an article on EBSCO. When I called her back she did not answer so I left a message.
  2. (Email) Student had question about our Graduate APA Modules. She wanted to know what question(s) were keeping her from getting 100% on the quiz.
  3. Looking for our Criminal Justice databases and how to use APA
  4. Looking for the TRC
  5. Question about an APA style scholarly journal article citation.
  6. (Chat) Looking for EBP articles in CINAHL
  7. Looking for scissors and glue
[7-10 pm shift]
  1. Looking for the hole puncher
  2. Looking for the hole puncher
  3. Looking for the hole puncher

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reference Questions, 12/12/2012

[6-10 pm shift]
  1. Wanted to know if he could add just a quarter to his printing account
Now that was a long 4 hours...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Reference Questions, 12/10/2012

[9-11 am shift]
  1. Needed help using Chicago style footnotes in a paper
  2. Wanted me to open Classroom A
  3. Looking for his color print outs
  4. Question about citing a class lecture in Chicago style
  5. Printer was saying it was jammed. The printer drawer was just ajar.
  6. Needed help using Chicago style footnotes in a paper
  7. Having trouble printing a PDF. It was only printing half the page. He was using the print command from the browser instead of directly from the Google Doc tool bar.
  8. Having trouble opening a PDF in D2L
  9. (Chat) Having trouble opening a PDF in the library. Had to go up to the 5th floor and fix it.
  10. Having trouble opening a PDF 
[1-3 pm shift]
  1. Had questions about citing interviews and websites in APA and about using in-text citations
  2. Looking for a bathroom
  3. Needed help downloading a PDF
  4. Looking for more computers 
  5. Looking for more computers 
  6. (Phone) Front desk had a question about the collaboration stations
  7. Looking for more computers
  8. Printer wasn't printing. Someone had tried to print a page that was over-sized. I deleted the job and then the printer was fine.
  9. (Chat) Professor had questions about plagiarism detecting software
  10. (Chat) Looking for articles on Romeo & Juliet and fate
  11. (Chat) Looking for scholarly articles on Nicholas Sparks' novel Message in a  Bottle. I couldn't find any.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Reference Questions, 12/7/2012

[7-9 pm shift] The last day of the semester. Exams start Monday.
  1. Needed help using the scanner 
  2. Wanted to know what hours the library and Young Hall were open this weekend
  3. Wanted to know what hours the Young Hall, Walker and the Bonnie are open tonight